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Visit Big Sky Ski Resort In Summer or Winter - Your Best Montana Vacation Yet

It’s been a while since the sunny slopes graced my face. Although it’s a beautiful locale and, if I had the time and resources to move my work that way I probably would, it’s not somewhere I visit too often. You see, I’ve always been located within a couple of hours of the well-known little city. Of course, I know it in and out, as everyone else does. Not, obviously, because I’ve been there a few times, but because half our friends work and play there too. I hear about it often and know that it is indeed its own unique location. Besides mentioning the incredible slopes that it is blessed with, it’s also gotten the attention of enough smart businesses and investors that it is literally now an epicenter of luxury in Montana, and no one, myself or lesser, will argue that point.

It is a beauty in its own right. I often visited in the summer for their cute town center summer get-togethers, and have been up the hill enough times to know my way around, but what is really striking about this place is the extensiveness of it all. Though it's a small town compared to a lot of Montana “cities”, it isn’t and you could go on for years finding secret luxury boutiques, bars, and restaurants that you would have never known existed, possibly directly across the street.

That is the Montana beauty though, besides its remote vastness, to enable a quality retreat where one can quite literally disappear, and still find the luxury they are seeking.

It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve been up to Big Sky, but I’m not upset. As someone who lives here, I can find one way or another to traverse my way up a spicy slope where no one has gone, so the uniqueness quality wears off a bit for me on that end. But, don’t take me wrong, if anyone tells me they plan to visit, that is exactly where I send them. The majesty of the location is simply inspiring in itself. The mountains, the sheer voracity of a city in the midst of a remote mountain cavity… who does this? For those who have never been there or seen such a sight, I would highly recommend the stop.

A Mountain Town Reminiscent of the Early Days of Vail

Lift tickets aren’t quite there yet, but it is reminiscent of Vail in the early days, and a good majority of us are waiting to see if that’s what they let it become. Even if that is the case, there is still so much to experience, especially if you are there with friends and family. In the summertime, it could be considered something along the lines of a vacation to the Alps. Stop in for what can be described as nothing less than a boutique breakfast before packing a few sandwiches and heading out into the hills to experience landscapes and particularly a wildlife scene that is not even fathomable in the great Alp regions.

In the winter, you already know what to do. Hit the slopes that celebrities have been checking out for years, and then take a day to head out ice skating, sledding, or off on a sleigh ride, or even a mushing trip, something experienced in a few other states besides Alaska.

End the day, no matter the season, at a restaurant with world-renowned chefs and wine selections. Though it may be surprising to see such high-profile celebs behind the kitchen counter, it isn’t really all that spectacular when you think about it. Why are so many people moving to Montana? It isn’t for the harsh winters, If you could bring your job to one of the most luxurious ski resorts in the nation, wouldn’t you?

No matter when, where, who, or the whys of a decision to visit the Big Sky Resort, rest assured no one will leave disappointed.

Snowshoe Touring in Yellowstone's Wilderness: A Unique Big Sky Adventure Beyond Skiing and Hiking

Looking for unique things to do in Big Sky, Montana beyond skiing and hiking? Consider taking a snowshoe tour of Yellowstone's wilderness. Immerse yourself in the stunning winter ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as you explore the backcountry on snowshoes.

Although winter can seem like an unlikely time to go for a walk in the woods, it offers a rewarding experience. The landscape is illuminated by the snow, revealing wildlife tracks and plants in a way you may never have noticed before. On a private full-day snowshoe trek, your expert naturalist guide will interpret what you find and share surprising stories about the environment.

The Big Sky Wilderness and Wildlife Adventure tour is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Yellowstone's landscape in-depth and get hands-on experience. You'll come away with a greater appreciation for the resilience and longevity of the region's flora and fauna. This tour is perfect for those who want to experience nature at its best.


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