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15 Popular Montana Activities Once the Snow Flies

Montana is known for its snow-capped mountains and vast wilderness, which are available all year round. The locals don’t head south though once the winter season approaches because the state transforms into a wonderland of adventure opportunities. From snowshoeing to ice fishing, Montana has something for everyone.

Here are 15 popular activities to do in Montana once the snow starts to fly:

1. Snowshoeing: Explore Montana's winter wonderland on a pair of snowshoes. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of trails to choose from. Try Glacier National Park's Apgar Loop or the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area for a scenic trek.

2. Skiing: Montana has world-class skiing destinations such as Big Sky, Whitefish, and Red Lodge Mountain. Hit the slopes for a day of adrenaline-pumping fun, or book a longer trip to make the most of the snowy season. Best Places to Ski and Snowboard in Montana - 15 Ski Areas to Visit

3. Backcountry Skiing: For those looking for a more adventurous skiing experience, backcountry skiing is a great option. Explore untouched powder and enjoy the solitude of Montana's backcountry.

4. Snowboarding: Ride the slopes with a snowboard for a thrilling experience. Montana has several snowboarding destinations including Bridger Bowl and Showdown Ski Area.

5. Cross-country Skiing: Cross-country skiing is a great way to get some exercise and explore the great outdoors. Check out West Yellowstone for groomed trails and stunning scenery. Or Glacier!

6. Dogsled: Take a ride on a dogsled for a truly unique experience. Book a tour with Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures or Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours.

7. Skijoring: Skijoring is a winter sport that involves being pulled on skis by a horse or dog. Try out this unique activity at Paws, Up, Lone Mountain Ranch or Mountain Sky Guest Ranch.

8. Fat & Snow Biking: Fat bikes are specially designed for winter riding with wider tires that provide traction in snow and ice. Head to Big Sky Resort for a guided tour or rent a fat bike from Bangtail Bike & Ski.

9. Forest Service Cabins/Tipis: Rent a cabin or tipi in Montana's beautiful national forests for a rustic winter getaway. Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins in Yellowstone National Park is another great option for a winter vacation.

10. Christmas Lights/Festivals: Get into the holiday spirit with Montana's festive light displays and winter festivals. Check out ZooLights at ZooMontana or the Whitefish Winter Carnival for some holiday cheer.

11. Ice Climbing: Montana has some of the best ice-climbing destinations in the country. Test your skills at Hyalite Canyon or climb the frozen waterfalls of the Beartooth Mountains.

12. Sleigh Ride: Take a romantic sleigh ride through Montana's winter wonderland. Book a ride with Lone Mountain Ranch or Double Arrow Lodge.

13. Hot Springs: Soak in a natural hot spring and unwind after a day of winter activities. Try Chico Hot Springs or Bozeman Hot Springs for a relaxing experience. 21 Montana Hot Springs Resorts

14. Snowmobiling: Montana has miles of snowmobile trails to explore. Rent a snowmobile and hit the trails for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

15. Ice Fishing: Try your luck at ice fishing on one of Montana's frozen lakes. Head to Canyon Ferry Lake or Fort Peck Reservoir for a chance to catch some fish under the ice.

dog sledding in montana

Montana is a winter wonderland, offering a wide range of outdoor activities for travelers to enjoy. However, if you're looking for something truly unique, a wolf tour through Yellowstone National Park might just be the perfect adventure for you. This 4-day tour from Bozeman takes you deep into the park, where you can witness the beauty of these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

The tour includes three nights' accommodations and four days of transportation, so you can focus on exploring the park with your knowledgeable guide. You'll have the opportunity to see native wildlife such as elk, bison, and coyotes, but the highlight of the trip is undoubtedly the chance to observe the wolves. Yellowstone is one of the few places in the world where you can see wolves in the wild, and the winter season is an especially good time for viewing.

The wolves in Yellowstone are part of a reintroduction program that began in the 1990s. Since then, the population has grown to over 100 wolves in the park, making it one of the best places in the world to see these incredible animals. Your guide will take you to some of the best spots in the park to observe the wolves, and you might even witness a wolf pack on the hunt.

In addition to the wolf-watching, the tour includes plenty of other activities to keep you entertained. You'll have the opportunity to go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, as well as explore some of the park's most famous attractions, such as the Old Faithful geyser and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Throughout the trip, your guide will provide informative commentary on the park's history, geology, and wildlife.

This tour is perfect for all ages and skill levels, and it's a great opportunity to experience the beauty of Yellowstone in the winter. With small-group tours, informative and friendly guides, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is a trip you won't forget.


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